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Formula One & Motorsport

Optimise Energy Efficiency when Every Second Counts

It is essential that Motorsport and Formula One applications have components that can withstand extremely harsh environments, high temperatures and are lightweight.

OSCO has worked with many Motorsport and Formula One companies supplying custom-designed Cable and Litz Wire and Thermal Interface Material in applications such as Motor Stator Windings ERS, Coil Windings for Motor Assembly, Winding Inductors, Battery Cells and Transformers.

With Thermal Interface Material that has thermal conductivity up to 17W/mK, and the ability to supply as a sheet or die-cut, we can deliver high-performance materials in a variety of methods to dissipate your heat.

Whether we are working with your existing drawings, designing alternatives or pushing the boundaries with innovative designs, we can help you find the right cable or thermal material that fulfils your needs in a timely manner.

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“OSCO are considered a very valuable partner and their support through both the development phase and through production has made a significant difference in our competitive advantage. Their support always exceeds expectations and in effect they are an extension of our organisation. Any organisation that has very demanding requirements such as ours should consider using OSCO.”

Engineering Team, Motorsport.

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