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Hybrid Cables: Combining Multiple Cables into One!

Are you looking to combine multiple cables into one aesthetically pleasing cable construction? OSCO provide Hybrid Cables that combine multiple cores including power, control, data or tubing into one single cable design. 

By combining multiple cores with an outer shield and jacket, the overall space requirements can be dramatically reduced as well as the installation becoming more effective through one single robust construction. Some Manufacturers may choose to simply bundle together multiple cables and components together by hand however this results in an unorganised, difficult to maintain device. The maintenance on Hybrid Cables however is vastly improved as the single cable can be effectively identified, cleaned and sterilised. 

Hybrid Cables are perfect for applications where standard off the shelf cables are not fit for purpose as your application may require the cable to perform a variety of functionalities and performance that a standard cable is unable to complete.

Over recent months we have seen an increased requirement for such cable designs, especially in the Automation and Industrial sectors. OSCO can design your Hybrid Cable to have characteristics of extended flex life, ultra-flexibility, high strength and durability typically seen in demanding industrial applications. 

Other industry sectors would benefit from a Hybrid Cable design including Telecommunications, Audio and Video and Medical Equipment applications where a single device requires multiple interconnections. Litz Wire can be incorporated into your Hybrid Cable construction should the application be subjected to high frequency levels. 

For more information on our Hybrid Cables or Litz Wire capabilities, please contact our Sales Team on 01908 376688 and our Engineers can get started on your unique project requirements. 

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