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SARCON XR-PE & PG80A: Thermal Material With Excellent Performance

XR-PE is a High Performing Silicone Putty from our SARCON Thermal Material Products Range. With a High Thermal Conductivity Rating of 11W/m-K (ASTM D5470 Test Method) it is one of our most popular Putty materials when performance and price are key considerations within your project.

Due to the inherently tacky nature of our XR-PE Putty, it is extremely compressible and we recommend a compression of 50% but this Putty has been known to be compressed up to 80% and work successfully in application. The material is very soft, compliant and conformable and when pressed, it remains compressed, reducing the pressure in your assembly.

XR-PE is available in a standard sheet size of 300mm x 200mm in thicknesses of 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm. We can provide parts cut to drawings, die-cut or as standard sheets.

XR-PE is the perfect thermal Putty for high power applications where the applications are using 20W power or more.

Please click here to review the data sheet for XR-PE.
PG80A is our Highest Performing Putty rated to 13W/m-K (ASTM D5470 Test Method). This material utilises a Silicone Compound and is available in four thicknesses of 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm. Our 0.5mm thickness allows customers can take advantage of it’s very thin thickness and high performance.

Similarly, to our XR-PE Putty, the material is very tacky which helps to reduce thermal resistance, and when compressed the PG80A Putty remains in its place. As a result, the residual force in the assembly is reduced. The surface consistency of PG80A is ideal for filling small air gaps and uneven surfaces, ensuring a reliable contact is made.

Typical Applications for PG80A are those that perform at a high level such as networking products, or fibre optics but essentially any high performing application can utilise our High Performing Putty.  

PG80A is a standard Thermal Putty available in sheets of 300mm x 200mm, or cut to size similarly as our XR-PE Putty.

Please click here to download our PG80A Data Sheet.
Samples of both XR-PE and PG80A in all thicknesses are available immediately for test and evaluation. Please 
contact our Sales Team on 01908 376688 for your sample and/or quotation today. 
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