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Slot Lok: Board Level Shields!

As close to custom as you can get, without the cost!

Slot Lok Shields offer high shield design flexibility whilst maintaining lost costs and minimum lead times. This is achieved through a standardised custom shield manufacturing process.

There are four Slot Lok types available including Slot Lok, Slot Lok Pro, Low Profile Slot Lok and Multi-Cavity Slot Lok.

Slot Lok Circuit Board Shields offer Interlocking Corners and is the lowest cost Slot Lok design with the quickest turnaround times. There are custom options available with this profile and multiple finish plating options to work in all applications. 

Slot Lok Pro Shields incorporate Welded Corners with no apertures for enhanced shielding performance. This profile offers a solid wall construction with welded corners and locking and grounding dimples as standard. With a highly customisable platform, this shield offers unlimited flexibility in sizes and shapes. 

Low Profile Slot Lok Shields offer heights less than 0.150” and these shields are therefore perfect when space in limited. All of the benefits of a standard Slot Lok Shield can be seen in this profile but in a very compact design. Due to the RoHS Compliant Materials used when manufacturing this profile, all shields offer excellent soldering characteristics, shielding effectiveness and corrosion resistance. 

Multi Cavity Slot Lok Shields isolate multiple components in one shield. With minimum non-reoccurring engineering costs, this is a low cost multi-cavity alternative which can accommodate the majority of multi-cavity shielding applications. This profile offers surface mount or through-hole designs and pin pitch matching, to replace existing “legacy” shields. As an Engineer, you can have easy access to components through a removable cover and our Multi-Cavity Slot Lok Shield has proven multi-cavity performance with interlocking corners, without the cost. 

Slot Lok Specifications include:
  • Sizes: 0.50” x 12.00”
  • Shapes: Squares, Rectangles and Custom Shapes
  • Heights: < 0.150” to 2.00”
  • Standard materials: Pre-tin plated steel and Alloy 770 for the Pro profile
  • Material Thickness: 0.010”, 0.012” or 0.015”
  • Cover Retention: 1.5 – 2.5 lb / linear inch
  • Shielding Effectiveness: up to 60dB
  • Material Options of Pre-tin plated Phos Bronze, Alloy 770, Brass and BeCu
  • Finish Plating Options of Bright Tin, Matte Tin, Nickel and Tin lead (not RoHS Compliant)
  • Tape and Reel Packaging
  • Through Hole or Surface Mount options
  • Limitless pin spacing options
  • Pull tabs for ease of cover removal
  • Ventilation holes for cover.
Contact our Sales team on 01908 376688 to discuss your Board Level Shielding requirements today. 

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