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The Importance of Shielding your Cable Construction

Electromagnetic Interference is natural within the world of electronics and the need for Shielding within your cable construction is essential.

By shielding your cable, you reduce the electrical noise and impact on signals and prevent cross-talk between cables. In addition, you protect nearby equipment and system devices from any electromagnetic radiation interference as your shielding will act as a Faraday Cage. Typically, most Power Cables and Custom Cables designed by OSCO have shielding within the construction to minimise noise generation and are for grounding purposes.

Dependent on your application, we may recommend a single, double or triple shielded cable and this can be designed around individual cores, twisted pairs and/or around the whole cable itself.

We have several Shielding options available including Braided Shielding, Spiral Shields, Served Shielding or Foil Wrapped Shielding. Braided Shielding is an interwoven covering whereas Spiral and Served Shielding is helically wrapped.

Please contact our Sales Team today on 01908 376688 or email [email protected] to discuss your Cable Shielding requirements further. For more information on our Cable Product Portfolio please click here
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