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Thermal Materials: Three Reasons…

Thermal Management is an integral part to the success of electronics design. Whether you have a new project and are working on integrating thermal management into the power design at the start of the project, or finishing a prototype and have run into some overheating issues, we have a large selection of Thermal Materials in PadsPastes or Putties to solve your problem. 

OSCO’s SARCON Thermal Materials range from 0.9W/m-K up to 17W/m-K and are available in thicknesses from 0.11mm up to 5mm plus. Our high performing materials operate within the most demanding applications where heat dissipation is critical to ensure there is no product failure.
Please contact our Sales Team today on 01908 376688 or email [email protected] to request samples or pricing for Sheets, Die-Cut Parts to shapes and drawings or rolls.
More information on our Thermal Materials can be found at http://www.osco.uk.com/products/thermal-material

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