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Braid Level Shielding

Our Braid Product Portfolio includes:

  • Shielding Braids
  • Flat Braids
  • Extra Wide Braids
  • Insulated Braids
  • Braid Reinforced Tubing
  • Endoscope and Catheter Braids

OSCO offer a variety of standard and custom Braids including Flat and Wide Braids, Shielding Braids and Insulated Braids often used in ground straps and motor brush lead applications.

In addition, we are able to offer Braid Reinforced Tubing and Endoscope and Catheter Braids used in the Medical Industry.

When shielding is subjected to temperatures exceeding 150°C our Silver Plated Copper will be used. If temperatures are to reach 400°C, a Nickel Plated Copper is recommended.  Both shielding materials provide better corrosion resistance to that of Tinned Copper.

One of our core strengths is that of high quality custom braids available within short lead times.

view of a flat braid cable.
view of a copper flat braid cable.
view of an insulated braid cable.
view of two flat braided cables.
view of a cable with braid reinforced tubing.
view of a flat copper braided cable.

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Type of Braid Description
Shielding Braids Shielding Braids are often used for mechanical protection in single and multiconductor cables to reduce or eliminate Radio Frequency or Electro Magnetic Interference (RFI/EMI).
Flat Braids Flat Braids can be manufactured in a variety of materials including Bare Copper, Tinned Copper, Stainless Steel, Nickel Plated Copper and Silver Plated Copper with the option of tape layers, outer extruded insulations and textile serves or braids.
Extra Wide Braids Extra Wide Braids differ to that of Flat Braids in terms of their increased width dimensions, however similar materials can be used but Bare Copper or Tinned Copper is preferred.
Insulated Braids Insulated Braids are flat and round braids with extruded insulations such as PVC, PFA, FEP, ETFE, TPE, Silicone Rubber, Polyethylene, Polyurethane and Polypropylene.
Braid Reinforced Tubing Braid Reinforced Tubing is typically used in the Medical Industry.  By using thin walled extrusions and fine wire braiding, OSCO can supply single and multi-lumen custom braid reinforced tubing with the option of aramid or stainless steel linear members to provide additional axial strength.  This product is cut to length to fulfil your application requirements.
Endoscopic and Catheter Braids Endoscope and Catheter Braids are stainless steel braids of different material and tempers also used in the medical industry as reinforcement in endoscopy body and bending sections or alongside catheter reflow technology.
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