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Low Noise Cable

Typical Industries that require Low Noise Cable include:

  • Medical
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Audio and Video

Our Low Noise Cable is best suited for applications where the cable is subjected to mechanical shock, vibration or repeated flexing during use. We can offer cable designed to maintain signal integrity and limit noise.

In many applications, a Triboelectric Effect occurs as dissimilar materials acquire an electric charge through contact.  This Triboelectric Effect can change baseline voltage levels or cause the insulation to store the charge temporarily then discharge it as a voltage spike. 

Our cable designed specifically for your application can reduce noise and considerably enhance your performance through precise material selection and the adding of conductive layers to dissipate the charge and decrease voltage spikes to the microvolt level opposed to tens of millivolts.

Our Custom Low Noise Cable can decrease voltage spikes from tens of millivolts to microvolt level.

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