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Medical Cable


  • Surgical Robotics
  • Cardiac Rhythm Management and Defibrillators
  • MRI, Ultrasound, Cardiovascular and Surgical Imaging
  • Patient Monitoring, Maternal, Fetal and Neuro-Monitoring
  • Surgical Instrumentation, Navigation, Handheld Devices and Instrumentation Leads.
  • Electrosurgical, Hearing Devices, Endoscopic and Neuro Stimulation Devices.

Whether we are working to your existing drawings, designing alternatives and equivalents or designing to your new requirements, we are able to provide you with an innovative one-of-a-kind cable for your medical applications.

Our Medical Cable Portfolio includes Custom Multiconductor Cables, Hybrid Cables, Custom Profiled Cables, Cables with Parylene Coating to provide a lubricious surface, NEWtuf Reinforced Silicone Rubber Cable, Micro-Miniature Coaxial Cable and Low Noise Cable.

In addition to cable, OSCO also supply a variety of single and multi-lumen, reinforced and non-reinforced Medical Tubing products designed to provide performance characteristics which are not possible to achieve with a plain extruded polymer.  Please click here to visit our Medical Tubing page.

Medical Tubing Products:

  • Extruded Tubing
  • Braid Reinforced Tubing
  • Spiral Reinforced Tubing
  • Extruded Parallel Tubing
  • Flexible Tubing
  • Hybrid Catheter Tubing
  • Medical Braids
  • Non-Reinforced Tubing
view of a labelled diagram of a cable for medical applications.
view of a diagram of a flat cable for medical applications.
view of a diagram of a cable for medical applications.
view of a labelled diagram of a medical cable.
view of a labelled diagram of a low noise medical cable.
view of a labelled diagram for a custom medical cable.

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Medical Cable Products Description
Custom Multiconductor Cable Custom Multiconductor Cables are widely used in the medical field as we can utilise a range of conductor, shielding and insulation materials to ensure characteristics of miniaturisation, ultra flexibility, high or low temperature performance, low noise or extended flex life are met.
Hybrid Cable Hybrid Cables incorporate dissimilar components including insulated conductors with one or more vent tubes, strength members, resistance wires and lumens, offering a variety of functionalities and performance not seen in traditional or off-the-shelf cable.
Custom Profile Cable Custom Profile Cables are excellent for use in limited spaced where conventional round cables may not fit or where extreme flexibility is needed in a flat or specific shape.
Parylene Coated Cable Parylene Coated Cable prevents the cable from collecting debris or tugging on skin, hair and fabric.  It is an inert, biocompatible dry lubricant that resists heat, radiation and solvents, fungus and bacteria growth.
NEWtuf Reinforced Silicone Rubber Cable NEWtuf Reinforced Silicone Rubber Cable has jackets that overcome the problems of stretching, distortion or breakage after repeated wiping or physical cleaning of silicone.
Micro-Miniature Coax Cable Micro-Miniature Coax Cable is excellent for the medical industry.  By using high quality low dielectric constant materials we are able to reduce the size of the cable without sacrificing its signal integrity.
Low Noise Cable Low Noise Cable is ideal for the medical industry for small signal applications that undergo mechanical shock, vibration or repeated flexing which is seen in many medical device applications.
You can include the following design characteristics in your medical cable:
1. Ultra Flexible We can offer fine wire stranding and flexible insulation materials which will make even large medical cables manageable.
2. High Temperature We offer a wide range of conductor, compound and insulation options to meet high temperature applications.
3. Sterilisable Our extended insulation options include a variety of materials, chosen based on particular medical device requirements.
4. Cut-Through Resistance Wide a wide variety of durable materials, we can design and manufacture your cable for optimum abrasion and cut-through resistance.
5. Miniaturisation Fine wire conductors, thin wall extrusion and high performance insulation materials allow for significant size reduction without sacrificing performance.
6. Fluid Resistance We offer a variety of material resistant to cleaning and disinfection solutions including alcohol, bleach, glutaraldehyde, quarternary ammonium compounds and peroxide.
7. Low  Noise / Signal Integrity We offer several low noise options designed to maintain signal integrity specifically for applications where a cable experiences mechanical shock, vibration or repeated flexing during use.
8. Low Elongation / High Tensile Strength After repeated use medical devices tend to distort, stretch or break.  We have a variety of New England Wire’s propriety jacketing solutions that will keep your cables in shape without impacting biocompatibility, flexibility, heat resistance, sterilisation, strippability or dimensional requirements.
9. High Flex Life We have an extensive line of alloy conductors which allow us to design reliable cables that will consistently perform.
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