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Multiconductor Cables are available in various configurations and are typically custom designed.  We have a broad range of conductor and insulation materials which allow every multiconductor cable designed to naturally contain characteristics of extended flex life, ultra flexibility, miniaturisation, high or low temperature performance and resistance to oils and corrosive chemicals.

With a large portfolio of multiconductor types we are able to supply a vast number of industries and applications including medical electronics such as ultrasound probes, microsurgical instruments and patient monitoring equipment as well as defence electronics and robotics.

Key Features: Multiconductor Cable

OD Size from 0.003” to 3.5”

Conductor Temperatures from cryogenic to 450°C (higher with special materials)

Insulation Temperatures from cryogenic to 300°C Thermoplastic Insulated (higher with special textiles and tape)

Maximum Voltage of 50KVAC or 70KVDC

Highest Conductive Material of Solid Silver 105%

Lowest Conductive Material of Steels and Semi Conductive Materials approximately 1%

view of a cut-through resistance cable end.
view of a fluid resistance litz wire.
view of a high flex cable.
view of thermal resistance litz wire.
view of high tensile strength litz wire.
view of a low noise litz wire.
view of a miniaturization litz wire diagram.
view of hands with latex gloves holding a sterilizable cable.
view of an ultra flexible cable.

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   Hybrid Cable Cable that consists of dissimilar components, including insulated conductors with one or more venttubes, strength members, resistance wires and lumens, offering a variety of functionalities and performance not seen in the traditional or off-the-shelf cable. Micro Miniature Coax Cable Miniature (24 AWG to 32 AWG) and Micro-Miniature (34 AWG to 48 AWG) cable is available to meet minimum overall diameter applications such as medical ultrasound probes. Extreme Temperature Cable Cable designed with a variety of excellent insulation materials available to protect from high and low temperature environments.  Applications include medical electrosurgical products and missile guidance systems that undergo extreme temperature and mechanical stress during use. Low Noise Cable Cable constructions that help to reduce or eliminate noise where the cable may experience mechanical shock, vibration or repeated flexing throughout use.  Applications include Medical Pacemakers and Oximetry. Custom Profiles Cable designed for use when traditional round cables may not fit in a specific shape and flexibility is essential. Ultra Flexible Cable Ultra Flexible Cables are typically used in Medical Electronic applications such as patient monitoring and electrosurgical devices where the unrestricted motion of the application is essential.  The flexibility is due to combining finely stranded conductors and thin-wall extrusions. Extended Flex Life Cable Extended Flex Life Cables are designed to ensure high reliability in repeated motion operation applications such as robotics and medical probe devices by using high strength alloys alongside abrasion resistant plastic insulators. Parylene Coated Cable Parylene Coated Cable prevents the cable from collecting debris or tugging on skin, hair and fabric.  It is an inert, biocompatible dry lubricant that resists heat, radiation and solvent, fungus and bacteria growth.
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