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Elastomeric Connectors

ZEBRA Elastomeric Connectors are a comprehensive group of high performance interconnect devices with applications throughout the entire field of electronics.

With the expansion of micro-electronics and miniaturization of all products, the same high reliability must be maintained.

ZEBRA Elastomeric Connectors are an obvious choice and one which offers a variety of alternatives based on the primary design objectives. Some of the more important considerations are:

  • High Density; increased number of I/O’s
  • Low resistance, high current capacity
  • Low insertion force, low compression force
  • Redundant contact engagement
  • High electrical and mechanical reliability
  • Chemical stability, degradation resistance
  • Cost-effectiveness, ease of assembly
General purpose connector with contact pitches at 140, 240 and 500 per inch.
Rugged, long-life connector with contact pitches at 240 per inch.
Gold 8000
Zero insertion force connector with contact pitches at 100, 133 and 166 per inch.
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