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Gold 8000 Connectors

The ZEBRA Gold 8000 Series Connectors are available in three types (A, B and C). Type B Connector is a high performance, low resistance connector that is capable of transferring both data and power between parallel components or circuit boards.

The FUJIPOLY ZEBRA Series 8000 elastomeric connector elements are D-shaped, low durometer silicone elastomer cores around which flat metallic gold-plated conductors are vulcanised in a row parallel to each other. 

The tips of the metallic conductors are turned upwards so that point contact can be affected. In addition, contact is made to the flat area when the connector element is positioned between two printed circuit boards.  The point contact will penetrate surface oxides or contaminants which might be present on the surface of the contact pads, thus assuring reliable electrical connection on two planes.  Also available are standard board to board assemblies which include connector and holder.


  • Very low contact resistance
  • High current capacity
  • Can be used for minimum 0.5mm (0.020 inches) electrode pitch

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  Gold 8000 Type A Gold 8000 Type B Gold 8000 Type C
Conductive Wire per Inch 100 wires / 25.4mm 133 wires / 25.4mm 166 wires / 25.4mm
Conductive Wire 0.002”  x 0.005” 0.002” x 0.004” 0.001” x 0.003”
Support Film 0.001” (0.0254mm) Thickness Polyamide Film
Connector Body Non Conductive Silicone Rubber
Operating Temperature Range °C
-20 to +125
-4 to +255
Contact Resistance Ohms Less than 0.025 (0.025” wide contact – Pads)
Current Carrying Capacity mA 500mA / wire maximum 250mA / wire maximum
Insulation Resistance Ohms Minimum 1012, between adjacent Conductive Wire
Capacitance PF Maximum 0.10, per adjacent pad at 1MHZ and 0.100 height
Inductance Maximum 7 nanohenries, per adjacent pad at 1MHZ and 0.100 height
Deflection 8% to 20%.  Recommended 10% to 15% of original height
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