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Silver Connector

The High Performance Silver ZEBRA Connectors are positioned between two aligned surfaces and are mechanically clamped together with a lid or another PCB.The Connectors may be free standing or positioned in a retainer depending on packaging profiles and design.

Low resistance ZEBRA elastomeric connectors are constructed with alternating parallel layers of electrically conductive and non-conductive elastomer.  The electrically conductive layer is filled with silver-metal particles.

The composite alternating layers provide reliable electrical connection when placed between two aligned conducting surfaces.

The low resistance ZEBRA provides a redundant connection with a minimum of two conductive layers recommended per PC contact pad.  The connector is available with insulating barrier or silicone supports.  The connectors are used for connecting electroluminescent (EL) and plasma type displays to PC boards or for connecting hybrid circuits to PC boards, among other applications.

Our High Performance Silver Connectors are available with an Insulation Barrier or an Insulation Silicone Support.

view of a labelled diagram of a insulated barrier type silver connector.
view of a labelled diagram of an insulated silicone support type silver connector.
view of a silver connector on a white background.

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  SZ100 / 5002
Metal Particles for Conductive Layers Silver
Contact Area Pitch:
Contact Spacing Centre-to-Centre
Minimum 0.38mm
Pitch (Ti + Tc):
Sum of the Thickness of an Adjacent Conductive and Non-Conductive Layer
Normal 0.010mm
Maximum 0.152mm
Conductive Layers Minimum 66/10mm
Individual Conductive and Insulating Layer Thickness Minimum 0.025mm
Contact Area Pitch:
Contact Spacing Centre-to-Centre
Maximum 0.075mm
Available Lengths Maximum 127mm
Length (L) 6.35 ± 0.12 to 127.0 ± 0.64mm
0.25 ± 0.005 to 5.0 ± 0.025in
Height (H) 1.0 ± 0.08 to 12.7 ± 0.18mm
0.04 ± 0.003 to 0.5 ± 0.07in
Width (W) 0.5 ± 0.08 to 2.54 ± 0.13mm
0.02 ± 0.003 to 0.1 ± 0.005in
Temperature Range °C -40 to +185
°F -45 to +80
Current Carrying Capacity 0.3A/mm2 pad
0.3A/0.04”x0.04” pad
Resistance Between Layers 1012 ohms
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