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W Series Matrix

Excellent for Land Grid Arrays and similar type of interconnects.  Extremely accurate silicone rubber electronic connectors with anisotropic conductive properties.  A range of 300 to 2,000 fine metal wires per cm² are embedded in the thickness direction of the transparent silicone rubber sheet.  The fine metal conductors are gold-plated to ensure low resistance and the ability to withstand a relatively high current flow.

High density and greatly increased number of I/O’s are possible; especially beyond 200 connections.  Eliminates the costs of soldering and related rework.  Facilitates denser and less expensive packaging.

After inserting the correctly sized connector pad between the opposing groups of electrodes, all that is necessary is to apply the appropriate pressure to allow the electrodes to be properly connected.

The WSL and WSC types have straight metal conductors protruding slightly from both top and bottom of the silicone rubber sheet to ensure perfect connections with slight pressure.   Designed for mounting applications.

The WBC type has curved fine metal conductors embedded in a silicone rubber sheet which are flush with the top and bottom planes.  The curved configuration facilities repeated compressions.  Ideal for inspection applications.


  • Low electrical resistivity with high sensitivity to compression.
  • Large current carrying capacity.
  • Electrical conductivity only in thickness “z-axis” direction and non-conductive in “X and Y-axis” direction.
  • Conductive wires are completely plated with gold, ends and surface.  Both ends of each wire can protrude from the surfaces of the rubber sheet, therefore electrical reliability of connection is high (WSL and WSC Type).
  • Some design restrictions in thickness depending on the methods of production and application.
view of a labelled diagram of a WSL type W series matrix connector.
view of a diagram of a WSC type W series matrix connector.
view of a diagram of a WBC type W series matrix connector.
view of a square W series matrix connector on a white background.
view of a rectangle W series Matrix connector on a cream background.
view of a digital drawing of a W series matrix connector.

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  Thickness (H) Length (L) Width (W) Pitch (P)
Nominal: 0.5 Nominal: 1.0
WSL Type 0.485 ± 0.03mm
0.020 ± 0.001in
0.985 ± 0.03mm
0.040 ± 0.001in
Maximum 76.0mm
Maximum 5.0mm
WSC Type 0.485 ± 0.03mm
0.020 ± 0.001in
0.985 ± 0.3mm
0.040 ± 0.001in
Maximum 50.0mm
Maximum 50.0mm
WBC Type 0.490 ± 0.03mm
0.020 ± 0.001in
0.990 ± 0.03mm
0.040 ± 0.001in
Maximum 50.0mm
Maximum 50.0mm

Measure Unit Thickness Remarks
0.5mm 1.0mm
Continuity Resistance Ohm @mm2 0.25 0.45 ± 30%
Current Density mA/mm2 500 N/A
Resistance Between Adjacent Conductors Ohm 1010 or more C Pattern P=0.35
Light Transmission % 90 WSL Type 1.0mm
Thickness P=1.0
Operating Temperature °C -20 to +120 N/A
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