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Dual EMI Elastomer Shielding Gaskets

Typical applications for our Dual Elastomer Shielding Gaskets include:

Medical Diagnostics
Automotive Control Systems
Telecommunications Systems
Base Stations
Computers and Data Processing
Industrial Controls
Military Electronics

Ultra-Vanshield Dual Elastomer Shielding Gaskets maintain their mechanical integrity long-term, a challenge for the RFI/EMI industry.  Our Ultra-Vanshield range manufactured by Vanguard Products Corporation, offers the optimum combination of metallic conductivity and elastomeric performance. 

  • Resilient inner core remains free of metal fillers, resulting in optimum compression and aging properties.
  • Silver conductive material is only present in the outer thin membrane, resulting in excellent conductive properties.
  • Thin silver layer permits reduction of costly silver content required.
  • Attenuation performance is not degraded under full compression as with solid-filled elastomers.
  • Very low compression force
  • Resistance to deformation
  • Manufacturing flexibility
  • Quick turnaround time of custom designs
  • Easy termination as there is no requirement for end treatment
  • A variety of optional conductive metals.  See Order Process Guide.


Benefits of Ultra-Vanshield Gaskets that are not seen in other shielding gaskets:

  • Continuously extruded high-strength silicone rubber core
  • Co-extruded highly conductive metal-filled silicone outer layer
  • Extremely high shielding effectiveness
  • Environmental sealing
  • No compression set
  • Low compression force
  • Extreme environment and abrasion resistant options
  • Simple installation options.

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