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10 Flexible, Quick Mounting Options:

Integrated Mounting Options:

Snug Cable-Fit
Button Mount
Adhesive Mount
Screw Mount
Flexible-Grip End Ports

2-Piece Mounting Options:

Cable Tie Base
Press Fit Base
Adhesive Mount Base
Screw Mount Base
Screw Mount Strap

Shielded enclosures, even the most robust designs, will permit electromagnetic energy to enter or exit along the main cabling.  Ferrishield Ferrites manufactured by Leader Tech are one of the most versatile and cost-effective cable shielding methods available today.  Our ferrites attack unwanted RF right on the circuit wiring, eliminating the need for more costly forms of RFI control.  Available in solid and bisected designs, each style can make the task of regulatory compliance quicker and less troublesome. 

Our bisected styles use Ferrishield’s innovative, quick-snap clamshell enclosures.  This unique design concept offers engineers the ultimate in adaptability and easy installation. 

1,000s of Styles and Sizes

  • Solid and Bisected Styles
  • I.D’s from .034” to 6.6”
  • Round, Square and Flat Styles
  • Special application designs.
view of an EMI shielding ferrite.
view of EMI shielding ferrites.
view of EMI shielding ferrites.

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Frequency-Specific Ferrite Formulations:    
28 Material – Most popular Wideband Ferrite 10MHz – 1GHz (250MHz peak) Performance     Brochure Download
33 Material – Low Frequency Ferrite 1MHz – 60MHz (30MHz peak) Performance Brochure Download
25 Material – High Frequency Ferrite 1MHz – 1.2GHz (700MHz peak) Performance Brochure Download
20 Material – Bluetooth / Microwave Ferrite 2.45GHz peak Performance         Brochure Download
CE83 Material – Highly Optimized Wideband Ferrite 10MHz – 1GHz (300MHz peak) Performance     Brochure Download
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