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Heat Sinks

Heat Sinks have the ability to dissipate heat by enlarging a surface area improving the reliability of products, and their efficiency whilst extending their lifecycle. We can supply both standard and custom heat sinks, manufactured by Alutronic alongside cases and mounting accessories.

Whether you are looking for heat sinks for PCB level semiconductors, for forced convection, proflies with gaps on fin sid and customised extrusions, we are your first choice for a variety of standard and custom heat sinks and, of course, your guide on all things to do with heat sink applications. 

New to our Heat Sink portfolio are Powerblocs, the alternative to extrusion profiles. Powerblocs feature improved heat conduction due to their almost pure aluminium alloy (99.5%) and high density from forging. A bi-directional transfer of heat from the source allows for better conductivity, an increased performance and quicker heat dissipation.

Standard and custom heat sinks are used in conjunction with thermal interface material to dissipate heat. Please click here to see our Thermal Interface Material portfolio.

Heat evenly dissipates in the base and the pin material for free or forced convection. 
For PCB Level Semiconductors
Heat Sinks suitable for screw-on or clip mounting or have a counter-sunk mounting area. 
Ridged Profiles with Fins on One Side
Heat Sinks with fins on only one side (ridged profile). 
For Forced Convection
Heat Sinks with solid fins inside on one side for forced air cooling. 
With Gap on Fin Side
Heat Sinks with one or two counter-sunk mounting areas. 
Other Shapes
Heat Sinks in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. 
Customised Extrusions
Customised Extrusions designed for new projects or to unique drawings. 
Cases from flat, square, L, U, Z and T Shaped extrusion profiles. 
Solutions for mounting your component to the heat sink. 
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