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Medical Braids

OSCO have the ability to vary braid density which can change tube flex characteristics over its length and supply cut to lengths or in bulk.

In addition, longitudinal members can be added to change linear and compressive strength of the tube.

OSCO offers a variety of braids ranging from Braid Reinforced Tubing to Endoscope and Catheter Braids. New England Tubing Technologies specialise in the manufacture of multiple-strand, fine wire stainless steel braids as well as custom braids utilising various wire types and gauge sizes such as flat wire to reduce the thickness of the tube whilst providing additional strength.  With diameters from 0.030” to 1.00”, we are your partner of choice for custom braid configurations.

Braid Reinforced Tubing is typically used in the medical industry.  By using thin walled extrusions and fine wire braiding we can supply single and multi-lumen custom braid reinforced tubing with the option of aramid or stainless steel linear members to provide additional axial strength. This product is cut to length to fulfill your application requirements.

Endoscope and Catheter Braids are stainless steel braids of different material and tempers also used in the medical industry as reinforcement in endoscope body and bending sections or alongside catheter reflow technology.

Braider Configurations

  • 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 48 Carriers
  • Maypole and Rotary Braiders

Braid Patterns

  • Over 2, Under 2
  • Over 1, Under 1
  • Diamond Pattern

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