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Value Added Services

OSCO can offer various additional services including tipping, flaring, centerless grinding and plastic annealing.

To ensure your application requirements are fulfilled, we offer various value-added services including tipping, cutting to lengths and parylene coating. 

Our atraumatic tips on the distal or the connection of a hub or flare to the proximal end are examples of the value-added services we can offer.

Many customers require their tubes to be cut to exact lengths to meet their application requirements.  We can ensure an accurate cut to length with a standard deviation of 0.5% produced by machinery that can store details so results are achieved consistently.

Parylene Coating is a lubricious coating that prevents the tubing from collecting debris or tugging on skin, hair and fabric.  It is an inert, biocompatible dry lubricant that is much easier to clean than an uncoated soft TPE plastic and resists heat, radiation and solvents, fungus and bacteria growth. Our engineers can apply the bonded uniform film of 1µm thickness, or other thicknesses if required, to the tubing or cable outer layer permanently.

By tipping the end of your tubing we can save you time and money throughout the supply chain.

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