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Thermal Material

More power and light weight were once deemed as two desirable characteristics within electronics. Today, thermal interface material is used in conjunction with micro-electronics to further compliment these qualities.

SARCON is a highly developed, innovative silicone rubber with exceptional flame-resistance and high thermal conductivity. By amalgamating the inherent silicone rubber properties of electrical insulation, heat resistance and long-term aging into a single compound, thermal interface material configurations can be supplied to a vast variety of industries.

Key silicon-based thermal interface material properties as a result of amalgamation, include long-term reliability and durability, high thermal impedence and stable chemical compatability with metals, plastic and ceramics. See below for different applications of silicon-based thermal interfacing.

SARCON Thermal Conductivity List SARCON Product Selection Guide
Thin Interface Material
Thin Film Materials with high electric isolation and high mechanical strength.
Gap FIller Pads
General Purpose Heat Transferring Pads in many thicknesses.
High Performance Gap Filler Pads
Materials for ultimate heat transfer with low thermal resistance.
Silicone Putty
High Thermally Conducting Materials with low compression and a tacky surface.
Form in Place Gap Filler
High heat transferring syringed materials for wider gaps with improved compressibility.
Non Silicone Gap Filler Pads
Materials with non-silicone formulations in varied thicknesses.
Electromagnetic Wave Absorber
Material used to absorb and reduce a range of electromagnetic waves.
Conductive Greases
Silicone and Non-silicone Materials for the thinnest gaps with high heat transfer.
Thermal Sleeves
Flexible structures in a large material selection available in custom lengths and diameters.
Thermal Cases
Box Shaped Caps with high dissipation rates in standard and custom sizes.
Thermal Tape
A large material selection available in rolls with excellent mechanical and physical characteristics.
Die-Cut Gaskets
Materials effective as a mounting cushion to prevent deformation.
Fusible Tape
Self-fusing silicone rubber electrical tape.
Discontinued Thermal Materials
An overview of our Thermal Materials that have been discontinued, with stock available for existing customers only.
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