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OSCO offer cables in unlimited configurations to meet any electrical performance and physical characteristics. Whether you are looking for power cables, single or multiconductor cables, flexible cables and many more, we have a variety of cables in stock ready for purchase that are detailed in the table below. To request a quote for these Cable designs simply add the products into your Quote Basket and submit your Quote Request and one of our sales team will be in contact.

Stock CodeSpecificationQuantity In StockQuantity RequiredUnit of MeasureAdd To Basket
BXC100032 AWG Bare Copper Braid, 18/44AWG, 0.011" OD 6,580 MTRS
BXC100122 AWG Solid Bare Copper, Red FEP Jacket, 0.064" OD 838 MTRS
BXC10022 Conductor Cable, Translucent FEP Jacket, 0.090" OD 228 MTRS
BXC101713 AWG Single 38/28 Bare Copper, Textile Braid to 0.094" OD 1,858 MTRS
BXC10033 Conductor Cable, Black PVC Jacket, 0.099" OD 1,242 MTRS
BXC10043 Conductor Cable, Grey PVC Jacket, 0.103" OD 160 MTRS
BXC100650 Ohm Coax, 22 AWG 7/30 Tinned Copper, Yellow FEP Jacket, 0.108" OD 70 FEET
BXC10073 Conductor Cable, Grey TPE Jacket, 0.137" OD 260 MTRS
BXC101612 AWG Single 7X37/36 Tinned Copper, TPE Beige Jacket to 0.149" OD 14 MTRS
BXC10086 Conductor Cable, Matte Black PVC Jacket, 0.163" OD 13 MTRS
BXC100910 AWG Insulated Single, Black PVC Jacket, 300V, 105C, 0.173" OD 288 MTRS
BXC10103 Conductor Cable, Grey PVC Jacket, 0.222" OD 20 MTRS
BXC103115 Conductor Cable, Black NEWTUF Silicone Reinforced Rubber Jacket to 0.265" OD 6 MTRS
BXC10116 AWG Insulated Single, Yellow PVC Jacket, 600V, 105C, 0.338" OD 21 MTRS
BXC10124 AWG Cable, PVC Jacket, 300V, 105C, 0.432" OD 95 MTRS
BXC101312 Conductor Cable, White PVC Jacket, 600V, 105C, 0.536" OD 17 FEET
BXC10141/0 AWG Insulated Single, Black PVC Jacket, 600V, 105C, 0.626" OD 18 MTRS
BXC10152/0 AWG Insulated Single, Orange PVC Jacket, 600V, 105C, 0.680" OD 20 MTRS

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