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Cable & Litz Wire

Whether we are working with your existing drawings, designing alternatives or to a new unique requirement, OSCO partnered together with New England Wire Technologies can design, develop and deliver innovative, one of a kind cable and wire solutions.

Through our partnership, our cable expertise is unmatched to meet your exact requirements for specialty applications and industries including Automotive, Formula One and Motorsport, Medical, Military, Telecommunications and Scientific.

Litz Wire Winding Wire
Litz Profiles designed in unlimited configurations for use in applications from 60Hz to 2.8MHz plus. 
Flexible Cable
Highly Flexible Cables using ultra-fine wire stranding technology in a variety of sizes. 
Flat and Wide, Shielding, Insulated or Custom Braids in a variety of materials. 
Power Cable
Cables designed to withstand high voltages and temperatures in unlimited configurations. 
Multiconductor Cable
Cables in unlimited configurations to meet any electrical performance or physical characteristics. 
Custom Profiles
Cables designed for use in applications where conventional round cables do not fit. 
Medical Cable
Cables designed with FDA Compliant Ingredients used in any medical application. 
Audio and Video Cable
Cables designed to eliminate electromagnetic distortion and reduce dielectric losses. 
Coaxial Cable
Miniature (24 to 32 AWG) and Micro-Miniature (34 to 48 AWG) cable constructions. 
Superconductor Cable
Superconducting Cables in round, rectangular and trapezoidal configurations. 
Low Noise Cable
Cables designed to maintain signal integrity and limit noise. 
Extreme Temperature Cable
Cables designed to operate in temperatures from cryogenic to 450C and higher. 
Hybrid Cable
Cables combining dissimilar components into one unique cable construction. 
Ribbon Cable
Cables designed for their flexibility, ease of separation and reduced size. 
Parylene Coated Cable
Ultra-Flexible Cables with an easily cleaned, silky, slippery surface. 
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