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Beryllium Copper Fingerstock EMI Shielding

Slot and Adhesive Mount Series
Dome Top Series
Low Profile Series
Folded Series
Clip-on Series
Twist Series
Contact Series
PCI/VME Series

Leader Tech’s Beryllium Copper Fingerstock Gaskets are available in a wide variety of standard styles and sizes. These gaskets operate in spaces from .010 inches up to .410 inches.

By using materials as thin as .002 inch, we are able to offer soft gaskets that provide the low compression force needed in many applications as well custom spring contacts and gaskets. 

Typical applications for Beryllium Copper Fingerstock Gaksets include MRI Chamber Doors, Shielded Cabinets and Electronic Enclosures.

Fingerstock Gaskets offer two exceptional characteristics:

  • Their mechanical spring characteristics far surpass all other gaskets in the industry
  • They offer the highest EMI shielding effectiveness.

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Slot Mount Series Slot Mount Gaskets are a standard in the enclosure industry.  These gaskets are used in shorter lengths as ESD contacts and in longer lengths as EMI gaskets.  Easily mounted onto chassis in a variety of ways including: clipping into slots, sliding onto tracks and adhesive mounting.
Adhesive Mount Series The Adhesive Mounted Series Gaskets are general-purpose gaskets used in both compression and wiping applications.  Sizes range from 0.11” (2.8mm) to 0.32” (8.1mm) in height.  Applications include electronic enclosures, shielded cabinets, and MRI chamber doors.
Dome Top Series The Dome Top Gaskets are known for their large surface area for electrical contact and smooth wiping action.  Also available in a solid top profile allowing for omni-directional wiping.  Together with the Slot Mount Series, the Dome Top Gaskets are a mainstay in the enclosure/chassis industries.  Commonly taped with adhesive tape. The Dome Top Gaskets have fully independent fingers that are adhesive mounted whereas the Dome Top “Solid” Series Gaskets have a strip that connects each finger along the top.  This allows for unique angular wiping action without snagging. 
Low Profile Series The Low Profile Series Gaskets incorporate design features that allow for some of the lowest compression forces in the industry, while achieving high performance shielding effectiveness. These gaskets are ideally suited for small aperture applications and are available in a Low Profile Clip or Low Profile Adhesive Mount.
Folded Series Leader Tech’s Folded Gasket series are industry standard general-purpose gaskets that allow a large range of deflection and compression forces.  These gaskets are available with or without tape for alternate attachment methods.  There are four Folded Series Gaskets which include FS, FSC, FSV and FSDS. 
Clip-On Series The Clip-On Gaskets are used in enclosures, shielded cabinets, and on circuit cards as ESD contacts and EMI gaskets.  These Gaskets are available as a standard Clip-On Gasket and a Mini-Clip Gasket.  For edge mount applications, close attention must be given to clip size, lance requirements, deflection parameters and finger configuration.  Leader Tech provides application assistance in the development of specifications.
Twist Series The Twist Series Gaskets are designed for demanding compression applications.  These will compress to material thickness and provide excellent shielding performance.  Profiles include standard flat, right angle, double twist and clip-on.  There are five Twist Series Gaskets including T, TV, T2, UT and UT3.
Contact Series Contact Gaskets are primarily used for grounding and shielding in high frequency applications.  These gaskets provide engineers and designers with flexibility to solve their shielding and grounding issues.  They are available in a variety of different lengths, widths and profiles. 
PCI/VME Series High Performance Compact PCI Gaskets designed for easy card insertion in rack mount applications.  This gasket is available in three different sizes to accommodate different customer extrusions.  They are available in both Beryllium Copper and Stainless Steel.
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