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Fabric Shielding Gaskets

Shielding gaskets are connectors of two opposing metallic planes which make them appear as one continuous surface, by connecting across the openings. Depending on the frequencies involved, the openings must be reduced as closely as possible to a continuous seal.

Leader Tech’s unique Fabric Shielding Gasket structure is a combination of a highly conductive nickel/copper ripstop fabric and a resilient polyurethane foam core. Leader Tech’s FSG products have superior shielding properties and ensure long performance life all in a cost effective manner.

Profile and I/O gaskets are available with PSA tapes which facilitates quick assembly and are designed for use with non-conductive pressure sensitive adhesive for better adhesion.

FSG products can be ordered from 24” or 48” stock, cut to specific lengths or kiss cut on release liner. Many profiles can be mitered and bonded as a frame gasket and with over 100 sizes to choose from in a variety of profiles, we are sure we have a shielding gasket for you.

Benefits of Fabric Shielding Gaskets (FSG):

  • Excellent shielding effectiveness
  • Extremely low compression force allows for use of lighter materials and less fastening and hinge hardware
  • Low Surface Resistivity provides excellent conductivity
  • Abrasion resistant metalized fabric for durable performance
  • Low compression set ensures long term reliability of gasket performance
view of a rectangle shape fabric shielding gasket.
Rectangle Shape
view of a square shape fabric shielding gasket.
Square Shape
view of a C-Fold shape fabric shielding gasket.
C-Fold Shape
view of a bell shape fabric shielding gasket.
Bell Shape
view of a knife shape fabric shielding gasket.
Knife Shape
view of a round shape fabric shielding gasket.
Round Shape
view of a oval shape fabric shielding gasket.
Oval Shape
view of a triangle shape fabric shielding gasket.
Triangle Shape
view of a D-Sub Miniature.
D-Sub Miniature
view of an I/O Back Panel Profile.
I/O Back Panel Profile
view of roles of shielding fabric.
Shielding Fabrics
view of roles of shielding tape.
Shielding Tape

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