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Thermal Material

Thermal Interface Materials are used to dissipate heat generated from components. We have materials available from 0.11mm thickness with Thermal Conductivity Ratings up to 17W/m-K. The table below shows all materials currently in stock ready for purchase. To request a quote for these Thermal Materials simply add the products into your Quote Basket and submit your Quote Request and one of our sales team will be in contact.

Stock CodeSpecificationQuantity In StockQuantity RequiredUnit of MeasureAdd To Basket
BXT300017W/m-K High Performance Gap Pad - 0.5mm thickness - 150mm x 200mm 0 EACH
BXT300114W/m-K High Performance Gap Pad Hardened Surface - 0.5mm thickness - 300mm x 200mm 23 EACH
BXT300411W/m-K Silicone Putty - 1.5mm thickness - 300mm x 200mm 10 EACH
BXT30106W/m-K Silicone Putty - 1.5mm thickness - 300mm x 200mm 2 EACH
BXT30142.9W/m-K Thin Interface Material with Adhesive Backing - 0.2mm thickness - 310mm x 310mm 4 EACH
BXT30432.9W/m-K Thin Interface Material - 0.2mm thickness - 310mm x 170mm 1 EACH
BXT30501.5W/m-K Gap Filler Pad 2mm thickness - 300mm x 200mm 54 EACH
BXT30201.5W/m-K Gap Filler Pad - 3mm thickness - 300mm x 200mm 2 EACH
BXT30221.5W/m-K Gap Filler Pad - 3.5mm thickness - 300mm x 200mm 0 EACH
BXT30241.5W/m-K Gap Filler Pad - 5mm thickness - 300mm x 200mm 1 EACH
BXT30271.3W/m-K Gap Filler Pad - 5mm thickness - 300mm x 200mm 4 EACH
BXT3028Thermal Roll 0.45mm thickness, 61mm width, 50mtrs length 50 EACH
BXT3029Thermal Sleeve 0.3mm thickness, 11mm width, 25mm length 500 PCS
BXT3031Thermal TO-220 Case 0.9mm thickness 6,200 EACH

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