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Litz Wire Improves Efficiency of Renewable Energy Systems

Many customers contact OSCO when they experience sources of power loss in their wire.
Typical windings use a single magnet wire or insulated copper strand for each coil. However, in alternating current applications there are Skin Effect Losses caused by the current concentrating towards the outer surface of a wire as frequency is increased and Proximity Effect Losses caused by interaction between magnetic fields of adjacent conductors which affects the distribution of the current.
Litz Wire uses miniature magnet wire conductors that are bundled together in a way where all of the wires occupy every wire position in the cable equally. This results in a reduction of Skin Effect and Proximity Effect Losses and significant power savings without an increase in copper mass.
OSCO offer unlimited Litz Wire configurations manufactured by New England Wire Technologies who have the capability to design round, rectangular, square and keystone Litz Wire profiles to improve copper fill factor.
Contact OSCO today at 01908 376688 to see how incorporating Litz Wire in your design can improve your application’s Efficiency. 
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