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Medical Cable: Cables Engineered for Advanced Medical Technologies

OSCO combined with New England Wire, design and manufacture high-quality, high-performance Medical Cables developed for Innovative Medical Device Manufacturers.

Our Engineers develop Custom Cable Solutions for new product launches and re-design existing Cables that may not offer the desired characteristics required in cables for Medical OEMs.

We can offer Medical Cables, Medical Cable Assemblies, Medical Wire, as well as cost-effective Disposable Custom Cables that are designed to be a substitute for standard off-the-shelf product often required in the Medical Device Industry.

By designing a Custom Cable for your Medical Application, we can ensure the Cable offers characteristics of ultra flexibility, sterilisation, cut-through resistance, miniaturisation or high tensile strength to name only a few.
Custom Configurations for the Medical Industry:
Custom Multiconductor Cables are widely used in the Medical Market but more recently, Medical OEMs are looking at Hybrid Cables that incorporate dissimilar components including insulated conductors with one or more vent tubes, strength members, wires or lumens which offer far more functionalities that cannot be found in traditional off-the-shelf cables. In the same instance, a Hybrid Cable can be used to combine multiple cables into one single neatly designed and packaged cable that is far more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Where Medical Devices have limited space and conventional round cables may not fit, our Engineers can design a Custom Profiled Cable which is excellent for fitting into flat or specific shapes.
A Medical Product and Service that is Recommended:
OSCO’s Capabilities within the Medical Market exceed expectations, designing and delivering product to high medical quality standards, delivered on time. The below testimonial from one of our many Medical Manufacturer Customers highlights our philosophy of Excellent Product Quality and Customer Service.

“We have been working with OSCO since March this year and are delighted with the work carried out by OSCO so far. Our company is a medical device company that develops and manufactures biomedical sensors for clinical applications so all project work needs to be of the highest quality, which is what we get with OSCO. They are responsible for delivering a custom-made cable for our medical sensors. OSCO understand the high standards that our company have and are most efficient in delivering well within time limits. I would highly recommend working with them.” – Medical Device Manufacturer (2014).

For this particular Medical Device Manufacturer, the application of a Medical Sensor required a Cost-Effective Custom Cable construction as the cable was to be disposed of after use within the body tissue after three days in Hospital. By analysing how the cable was to be used and the function the cable needed to perform, OSCO has been able to design and supply product successfully used within the Medical Market.
A Cable for all Medical Applications:
The Medical Market is constantly Innovating and subsequently OSCO are always receiving exciting, new opportunities to work on innovative medical applications. The table below highlights a variety of Medical Applications where Custom Cable Designs are inherent in the Product Design.
Robotics Surgical Robotics Robotic Prosthetic Applications Medical Robotics Robotic Arms
Cardiac Rhythm and Pain Management Nerve Stimulation Neuro-Stimulation Defibrillator Cardiac Rhythm Management
Monitoring Patient Monitoring Endoscopic Fetal and Maternal Monitoring Pulse Oximetry
Imaging Surgical Imaging Ultrasound and MRI Cardiovascular Imaging Test and Measurement
Dental Imaging
Brain Mapping Electrosurgical RF Applications
Medical Devices Cardiovascular
Electrosurgical Hearing Devices Sensors
Foot Switch Devices Neuro-Stimulation Haemostatic Sealing Neuro-Monitoring
Surgical Hand-held Surgical Devices Instrumentation Leads Surgical Navigation Arthroscopic Surgery
The Benefits of a Custom Medical Cable Verses Standard Off-the-Shelf:
The main benefit of proceeding with a Custom Cable in your Medical Product Design is the ability to combine multiple characteristics into one single cable that is not possible from an off-the-shelf product.

We can offer fine wire stranding and flexible insulation materials which will make even large medical cables manageable and ultra-flexible. These fine wire conductors and thin wall extrusion allow for significant size reductions without sacrificing performance. If high temperatures are expected, we offer a range of conductor, compound, and insulation options to meet high temperature applications.

Some customers request cables to be sterilisable and our extended insulation options include a variety of materials that will meet this criteria. We can therefore choose an appropriate material based on your particular medical device requirements. In addition, we can ensure a material is selected that is resistant to certain fluids for cleaning and disinfection such as alcohol, bleach or other peroxides. These materials can also be durable, to ensure your cable has optimum abrasion and cut-through resistance.

In many cases, cables will experience mechanical shock, vibration or repeated flexing during their use and the Medical Device tends to distort, stretch or break. Our jacketing solutions and low noise options will ensure your cable maintains signal integrity and remains in shape with high tensile strength and low elongation, without any impact on biocompatibility, flexibility, heat resistance or dimensional requirements.
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