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Thermal Management is essential for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) place a considerably larger demand on their Vehicle Cooling Systems (VCS) than that of Conventional Vehicles. It is essential to the Power Electronics of the vehicle that appropriate Thermal Management is accomplished, a challenge within the Automotive Market.

The temperature of the Battery Pack in HEVs is managed by the vehicles Climate Control System (CCS) as the battery is cooled by the vehicles CCS. Efficient Battery Thermal Management also aids the battery’s life span. Whilst operation at a high temperature achieves a better battery performance, this operation is limited to ensure battery durability and safety.

Ensuring your vehicle and its battery has efficient Thermal Management Systems in both the CCS and VCS, is essential for the performance of your Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

OSCO offer a variety of Thermal Materials ranging from 0.11mm thickness, with Thermal Conductivity Ratings up to 17W/m-K.

Our SPG Form in Place Gap Fillers has been used on Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Packs, providing superior thermal transfer.

Contact OSCO today on 01908 376688 to see how our Thermal Materials can improve the performance of your Hybrid Electric Vehicle.
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